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4th June 2021: Wiðowinde #198 now published. See Our magazine wiðowinde for more details.


The Fellowship’s Handbook is available, containing our pick of articles from our magazine. These include, among others, topics such as reading and conversational Old English, an introduction to Anglo-Saxon runes, a discussion of the wics as England’s first towns, and an introduction to the Anglo-Saxon harp, laws, kingship, archery, churches and zoos.

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Staffordshire Hoard

The English Companions have provided sponsorship for the new Staffordshire Hoard Gallery at Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, which will help produce replicas of the spectacular gold (sea)horse piece



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OE riddle

An Anglo-Saxon riddle

Can you work out the answer?

Old English

Oft ic sceal wiþ wæge winnan ond wiþ winde feohtan, somod wið þam sæcce, þonne ic secan gewite eorþan yþum þeaht; me biþ se eþel fremde. Ic beom strong þæs gewinnes, gif ic stille weorþe; gif me þæs tosæleð, hi beoð swiþran þonne ic, ond mec slitende sona flymað, willað oþfergan þæt ic friþian sceal. Ic him þæt forstonde, gif min steort þolað ond mec stiþne wiþ stanas moton fæste gehabban. Frige hwæt ic hatte.

Modern English

Oft I must with water battle and with wind fight; together, against them contend; then I depart to seek earth swallowed by waves; from me the homeland is estranged. I am strong in that contest, if I fixed become; if I fail at that, they are greater than I, and rend me, soon drive me to flight, will bear off that which I must protect; I resist that from them, if my hold endures and resolutely with me stones might hold fast. Ask what I am called.



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The Gazetteer for the Staffordshire Moorlands is an example of how even a district with little or no written history from the Anglo Saxon period still has evidence for their presence hidden away or not recognised as such. In this particular case four types of evidence have been found. Firstly Domesday Book provides not only [...]

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YouTube videos of the 1066 Battles

While we Gesithas often focus rightly on the academic aspects of Anglo Saxon (a.k.a Early English) history, there are a plethora of information that may escape our attention on social medias and outlets such as YouTube.
Videos can have considerable reach in educating people on our history and are even created by people from all over [...]

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The Anglo-Saxon Invasions of Britain

The Saxon Shore:
In late Roman Britain a series of coastal forts was established from roughly the Solent to the Wash. These were intended to give protection to the coast against Saxon invaders. These forts were built along what was called ‘The Saxon Shore’ and were built between 270 and 285 BCE. These forts were [...]

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