National and Local Meetings & Events

Bede and Story Telling
A talk & discussion with James Simister
Saturday 20 May 2017 at 2pm
at Worthing Museum
Details on the Gegaderung, under News & Events

(County Representatives)

North Staffordshire Harry Ball

Essex  Linden Currie

Leicestershire  Alison Skinner

Canterbury: David Hinch

Wetherby and York George Roe

South Gloucestershire & North Somerset Hugh Soar

Ryedale, North Yorkshire Phyllis Wicks

Coastal West Sussex Patrick Marshall

Manchester Martin Singer

Bedfordshire  Peter Horn

Southwest Surrey-Godalming Hundred Richard Dean

East Sussex James Simister

East Anglia   John Chatwin

Wessex (Hamtunscir, Meonware) Peter O’Sullivan

Yorkshire coast Carol Robinson

Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire Geoffrey Littlejohns

February 7th, 2016