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This website is the home of Ða Engliscan Gesiðas (The English Companions).

The English Companions promotes interest in and research into the Anglo-Saxon era (CE 400-1100); we do not follow any particular interpretation of history and maintain a strictly neutral line on modern political and religious matters.

The relative lengths of historical periods.
Fig 1. The relative lengths of historical periods

The period of history that is our main interest covers over 600 years and saw tremendous changes, many of which have influenced our later national story. The chart shows the relative lengths of approximate historical periods, and demonstrates the length of Anglo-Saxon history in Britain.

On this website you will find information and articles of interest about this extensive period, and we invite you to have a look around.

For our members, we publish a quarterly magazine, Withowinde . We also offer members an Old English correspondence course which teaches both the written and spoken language. We have local groups of members, organised on a geographical basis, who arrange meetings and attend events.

Some of our members are able to offer talks and activities; please contact us for more information if you are interested.

You would like to know more about us or find out more about membership options then there is more information on the ‘About the English Companions’ page.