Making Christmas Cards

We have lots of ideas for making some Christmas Cards with an Old English theme!

You can find translations of some traditional Christmas Carols to use as verses in your cards.

Alternatively, here are some seasonal words and shorter greetings that you might like to copy and add to your cards:

For Christmas we have:

  • Cristmæsse
  • Ġēol
  • Midwinter

For New Year we have:

  • Niwe gear

For merry/happy/joyful we have:

  • bliðe
  • wynsum
  • ēadiġ
  • ġesaliġ
  • wynsumliċ
  • blissiġ
  • glæd
  • lustbǣre

Below are some greetings in the insular script you could add to the inside of the card.

We also suggest some pictures that are free for you to download and use on your cards.

Anglos-Saxon cross shaft at Hackness Church
Cross Shaft – Hackness Church
Anglo-Saxon style carving at West Stow
Carving – West Stow
Window and dedication cross at Hovingham Church
Window and dedication cross – Hovingham Church