Cutha’s Chronicles

Cutha’ Chronicles were written by Karl Wittwer and illustrated by Ray Aspden (in the case of Parts 1 and 2) and by Paul Finlow-Bates (for all subsequent installments) for Wiðowinde, the magazine for members of Đa Engliscan Gesiðas (The English Companions).
They are reproduced here for the benefit of younger browsers, and particularly for Primary School teachers who may wish to use them as a starting-point for a study of the Anglo-Saxon period.
Cutha’ s Chronicles may be freely photocopied entirely for educational purposes, but illustrations and text may not be extracted, separated, or reproduced for commercial gain.   
Cutha’s Chonicles

No. 1 Dragons

No. 2 Months (Cartoon form)

No. 3 Months (part 1)

No. 4 The Tun

No. 5 Pigs

No. 6 Paying The Rent

No. 7 Beating The Bounds

No. 8 Market

No. 9 Bread

No.10 Clothes

No. 11  Months (part 2)

No. 12  Winter

No. 13  Fyrd

No. 14  Wyrmas

No. 15  Salt

No. 16 Spring

No. 17 Flute