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Title: Compound words
Post by: David on May 15, 2019, 08:51:10 PM
Dealing with a compound word where the first part is a noun I was told that in early times the first llword  would have been in the nominative, as in folcġemōt, but later the more logical genitive was used, as in witenaġemōt.

I actually wondered whether the earlier cases might be the stem rather than the nominative. The trouble is that nominative is often the same as the stem. I decided to try sunne and mōna which I thought might have several compounds. Sunne has the variants sunna and sunnu but these still differed from the stem. These are the results from Clark Hall
Sunnanǣfen, sunnandæġ, sunnanlēoma, sunnanmergen, sunnanniht, sunnanscīma, sunnansetlgong, sunnanūhta, mōnanǣfen, mōnandæġ, mōnanniht
Sunnadæġ, sunnebēam, sunnelēoma
Sunbēam, sunbeorht, sunbyrne, sundēaw, sunganges, sunġīhte, sunstede, sunwlitiġ, mōndæġ, mōnsēoc, mōn(e)liċ
It looked as thoughthe 3 nominative cases were variants of either a genitive or stem case.

The other thing I noticed was that the sunn stem became sun.