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Author Topic: The Coinage of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria.  (Read 5874 times)

John Nicholas Cross

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The Coinage of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria.
« on: August 27, 2010, 07:28:36 PM »
Can anyone explain how the 'Styca' coinage of 9th. century
>    was maintained?  As a fiduciary coinage of base metal(of no intrinsic
>    value), how was rapid inflation and loss of confidence in the coinage
>    averted?  It lasted probably over 30 years and was minted in great
>    numbers, so they must have got something right? Would anyone hazard a
>    guess at the exchange rate with the southern silver penny.  The
>    is found outside Northumbria proper, so it would seem to have been
>    accepted, in other parts of Anglo-Saxon England.  Also, being
>    of low value, it would have been used for quite modest purchases?
>    information would be most welcome.  Thanks.    John N. Cross.