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Author Topic: AS heathenism  (Read 15413 times)


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Re: AS heathenism
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The second Synod of Orange in 529 seems to have been the final nail in the coffin for pelagianism ; but it probably lasted in
Britain until the end of the 6th Cent. So may have had some influence on the religious philosophy of the migrants arriving in Britain.
However, I think the Catholic Encyclopaedia(?) refers to it as 'semi-pelagianism' by this date and this 'lesser' heresy seems still
to have been an accepted form of worship wthin some of the early monastic orders?

John Nicholas Cross

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Re: AS heathenism
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Thanks Streona for this information.   John.


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Re: AS heathenism
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The article on AS paganism on the home page is rocking I might add good effort to the author