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Author Topic: Great Yeldham  (Read 1254 times)


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Great Yeldham
« on: September 08, 2021, 11:40:18 AM »

I live in Great Yeldham, Essex near to the Suffolk border at Sudbury. Yeldham (formerly Geldeham) appears to refer to a homestead where tax is collected in Old English.

They are now clearing a site to build houses at Nuns Walk. Archaeologists found a few Roman fragments, but more importantly a Saxon homestead and burial site with pottery urns containing cremated remains. Unfortunately the tops of the pots have been knocked off by ploughing. A pair of tongs have been found as well as some coins. No pictures or other details are available yet, but cremations most usually indicate early Pagan Saxon sites, since Christians most often used inhumation. Hopefully the coins will help date it.


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Re: Great Yeldham
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That's really interesting - keep us posted! :)