New Administrator and registering for an account on Gegaderung


Dear all

This message is to share the news that our faithful Gegaderung Administrator has recently retired, and we all send her our grateful thanks for everything she has done to keep this meeting place going.

Meanwhile I have agreed to try to follow her superb act in my own bumbling fashion and so have been catching up on approvals this evening. This message is to remind you that registration to this site is moderated, and only available to paid up members of the English Companions.

I do apologise for the recent delay in approving requests. If your request has not been approved please resubmit it so I can review it.

I hope to have worked out how to look after the site as son as possible but please bear with me while I get my techie mojo into play.

WesaĆ¾ ge ealle hale

Thank you Linden for your years of work.

Welcome Phyllis. It is good to hear that you have already worked through the registrations.

Thanks David, I'll do my best!


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