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This is to make sure all concerned feel properly thanked and appreciated for the latest edition of Withowinde.  I can only guess at the special difficulties in producing it, in these unusual times, so please believe it was worth it as far as old Bowerthane is concerned.

So it was all good, but I was especially pleased by Ian Holt and Geoff Littlejohn's articles about the homeland of the ancestral English. 

Lately I have developed a fresh interest in this owing to fresh information about the climatological and maybe geophysical reasons why Angeln, and much of the rest of the lands the Angles once inhabited in north Germany/ Jutland, remained uninhabited until at least King Alfred's day: rising sea levels.  As I've learned, as recently as Jacobean times whole islands there could still go the way of Dunwich, populous villages and all, during unusually violent storms. 

I enjoyed Jenny's article about Old English falconry, too, but... now i'd rather get back and finish reading it!

The moral right of the author to identify Professor J. R. R. Tolkien saying, "English was a language that could move easily in abstract concepts when French was a still a vulgar Norman patois." has been asserted.

I would like to echo Bowerthane - all this and in time for Yule too!

We are so blessed with our magazine  ;D

Hi Both, your appreciation is much appreciated! Thank you! I was determined to get it out well before Christmas and our brilliant printers played their part as usual. I am very grateful to our contributors who make Wiðowinde what it is. Must admit, for me, it’s a labour of love. So far anyway ;D

The Dunkirk Transgressions studies make for interesting reading.

I also especially enjoyed Ian Holt's "Saxo seems to have taken the same history degree as Geoffrey of Monmouth".

... Great line!


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