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North American scir?


Is there a North American scir?  If not, should one be set up?  I assume, perhaps wrongly, that I am not the only North American gesith.

Good question - there are other gesithas in North America, so perhaps if amyone is interested in settin gup local contacts they could message you directly here? Not everyone reads Gegaderung (crazy, I know!) so perhaps you could also send a letter to Withowinde asking if anyone wants to get in touch?

Gesithas elswhere on the planet are alwo welcome ot join various Zoom meetings, although times may not always be suitable as they are based on UK time. The AGM is taking place soon, for example, and in Yorkshire we are also keen to invite distant friends to join our meetings :) See Withowinde for details of both!

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hi, I'm in Tennessee. I'd be interested in a group meet-up, or some such thing.


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