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What's Everyone Reading?

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Karen Carlson:
I'm currently reading Wayland's Work by that Pollington fellow, and The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell -- the second in his series of adventure novels set in the time of King Alfred.


steve pollington:
I'm reading 'Initiation Bewtween Two World: Structure and Symbolism in Pre-Christian Scandinavian Religion' by J.P.Schjodt. It's not a light read but is very detailed in its examination of initiation sequences in some Norse myths and stories.

I'm reading "The English Warrior From Earliest Times Till 1066" by Stephen Pollington.  It's really rather good with lots of comprehensive detail.

I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the warrior class and its function.

I'm re-reading Margaret Gelling & Ann Cole's "The Landscape of Place-names".
Also reading Steve's new book on art, a little bit at a time. Lifting it down from the bookcase every day is providing good aerobic exercise. Perhaps the book should be renamed "Wayland's Work-out?"

---I've just started 'The Monsters and the Critics and other Essays' by JRR Tolkien which looks as though it's going to be interesting.   The first Essay is on Beowulf and Tolkien doesn't sound too happy about the critics ideas on the poem!  Apart from that, I'm readikng our latest Withowinde, little by little to make it last, and a couple of old fashioned mysteries, one a Marorie Allingham Campion story and the other a recent writer in the same vein named James Anderson.   I like the mental work out to find out exactly Who Dun It.


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