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Thomas Egenes Introduction to Sanskrit, and my trusty, dog-eared, Cambridge OE reader. Just a bit of light reading...

Well dig this.  I’m reading England’s Last War Against France by Colin Smith ( ISBN 978-0-7538-2705-5, Phoenix) about our military operations against the Vichy regime.  Which of course has very little to do with the Anglo-Saxons save as a gallicism for what is now called the Anglosphere.  Until just now, that is, when here on folio 146 Smith writes, “the Luftwaffe’s night bombers had visited the English Midlands and flattened twelve of the armaments factories in the old Saxon town of Coventry.”

Anybody venture as guess as to what the blue blazes Smith thinks he’s talking about?

Just about to start Tacticus Germania the penguin classics edition ive been looking forward to reading this for some time.Just finished fire stike 7/9 (not AS as you might have guessed)  and bloodline by Katy Moran its set in the time of King Penda and an ok read but I would have probably enjoyed it more in my early teens.


Currently reading "1000 years of annoying the French" by Stephen Clarke for a bit of light amusement.

I'm currently reading "Northanhymbre Saga - The History of the Anglo Saxon KIngs Of Northumbria" by John Marsden, although since I started it I've also read Bernard Cornwall's "The Burning Land" and Kathleen Herbert's "Peace-Weavers & Shield-Maidens Women in Early English Society". Unfortunately such entertaining reading is out of necessity giving way to the likes of "Effective Teaching in Schools" and "Essential Teaching Skills". If anyone finds a cure for this "real world" please do let me know.


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