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King Eardwulf hermitage?


King Eardwulf hermitage?
Derbyshire cave house identified as ninth-century home to exiled king (

Wessex Archaeology report here

Well, well, well. First that prehistoric ‘harvest hill' in Yorkshire, ‘hiding out in the open’ as a Norman motte: now this.  Can’t help but wonder how may other ‘follies’ and the like may reward a forensic double-take.

The other curious thing is that I’ve lately been getting my finger out for my kiddies' you-know-what, and I am still in the middle of weighing up Peak Cavern and White Scar Cavern in Derbyshire as guerrilla bases for Danelaw Mercians to use in support of Lady Ethelflæd and King Edward the Elder’s liberating armies.

Dunno what it means by “buried at Breedon on the Hill in Leicestershire, just five miles from the caves.” though.  When since was anything in Leicestershire five miles from anything in Derbyshire?


The 2 counties do border each other....

Well... obviously  :-[  I was just waiting to see who would spot that one.


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