If you have any problems registering for this website


I have noticed a large number of ?guests? attempting to log in and/or register on this site.
If any members of the Gesiðas have problems registering on the Gegaderung, they are invited to email me (email address as in Wiðowinde) and I will attempt to sort out the problem. The same applies if you have forgotten your password.  I am still learning how to manage this site so please bear with me if there are any delays or 'hiccups'.
It is not possible to post to this discussion site without first joining the Gesiðas.
This is the link to the membership application form.

It is lovely that so many people wish to join this site and have recently attempted to register with us.  However, it is not possible to complete registration to join in the conversations and access the members-only portions of the site unless you really are a member.  I have just had to delete several applications for registration because I have not heard of you and you are not on the members list.  Sorry but you do have to join the society first.


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