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Angles and Jutes Celtic Peoples?

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After a brief conversation with a Druid recently he mentioned to me that the archeology from the home lands of these tribes  points towards the Angles and Jutes being Celts.I have had a butchers online and I cant find anything that stands out.

Any Ideas folks

Do ideas come into it?  Anyone spaced out enough to believe he is a druid is spaced out enough to believe anything. 

The best I can suggest is that we all swear mighty oaths to rededicate ourselves to raising the standard of education in this country until nobody with pubic hair and a mortgage can spout such shit with a straight face.

Is what I think.

John Nicholas Cross:
Druid speak 'Celtic Crap', methinks.   John.

My thaughts exactly.Spent a few hours trawling the Internet for even the slightest bit of evidence but found none.

Bloody Druids wasting my time

steve pollington:
He probably thinks that the Tollund and Grauballe bog bodies are druidic sacrifices.
I dealt - in a very small way - with Celtomania in the afterword to Wayland's Work. It is arrant nonsense of the most insidious kind, and it is very popular in some circles where facts never get in the way of opinion (see Frances Pryor for details.)


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