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Aethelstan's Mother


I'm not sure if there is any help out there but I am trying to discover more about Aethelstan's mother. According to William of Malmsbury her name was Ecgwynn but he was writing a couple of centuries later, although he may have had access to documents now lost . As far as I can tell, there are no contemporary records in existence. I know there is a slim chance but if anyone is ware of any documents (even foreign documents) that may prove useful I would grateful for any suggestions.

Tim Blakemore:
only a year after your post, but it might still help to point you in the direction of Sarah Foot's "Aethelstan" in the Yale English Monarch series (Yale Uni Press 2011).  On pp.30-31 she goes through the various sources, including later legends that Edward didn't actually marry her.


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