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Just catching up with this discussion.

I have always been very clear in my understanding of the Anglo-Saxon period, and its peoples. No need to change. The term should NOT be appropriated by American racists or as a term of no great endearment by the followers of De Gaulle who used 'les anglo-saxons' to refer to the US/UK governments of the 20th century - how many errors are there in that one ? No, Anglo-Saxon should stay as it is. What would the wokes prefer us to call Anglo-Saxon Chronicle ? My books refer to the historical period as the Anglo-Saxon period and the language as Old English. End of.

It is a sad indictment of today's society that there are too many professional offence-takers objecting to innocent terms. Leave our sleeping AS dog to lie !!  >:(

Well said Cynewulf!

Thanks Eanflaed

I've just read the most absurd PC rubbish on the ISAS site. If it wasn't serious it would be PC Americans tie themselves in knots trying to avoid terms which might possibly offend the over-sensitive. Well let them carry on their pointless debate. I ask again, what would these people have us call the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle ?


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