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Does anyone fancy working on a new translation with me?

I thought I'd have a go at the Oath of Eorl (from Tolkien) as he specifies that Eorl gave the oath on his own language ie pretty much in Old English. I was thinking of doing a line a week - or thereabouts. In fact it's only 2 sentences but there are lots and lots of clauses...

For background Eorl is the Founding Father of the Rohirrim, the Horse Lords on the plains more or less NW of Gondor. (Gondor/Mundberg is the city facing down the Evil Sauron, the eponymous creator of custom finger jewellery). So basically the good guys. Anyway, back in the olden days Eorl pretty mcuh saved the Lord of Gondor and was rewarded with the Land of Rohan. The two swore oaths of mutual aid.

So anyway - here's the first section, in Mod English and then my attempt in OE

Hear now all peoples who bow not to the Shadow in the East, by the gift of the Lord of the Mundburg we will come to dwell in the land that he names Calenardhon, and therefore I vow in my own name and on behalf of the Éothéod of the North that between us and the Great People of the West there shall be friendship for ever

Hwæt! Hieraþ nu eall folc þe ne bugaþ to þæm Sceaduwe on þæm easte, be giefe þære Mundburges Hlafordes cumaþ we oneardian on þæm lande þe he Calenardhon nemneþ and forþæm geswerie ic on minum selfum naman and for þære Northena Eoþeode þæt betweonan us and þissum Mærum Westena Leode biþ æfre freondscipe

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Sorry, I have no suggestions. It all looks very good to me.

It's sounds better in Old English.  I like it!

Good grief - no changes! I must be improving :)

OK, here's the next bit:

their enemies shall be our enemies, their need shall be our need, and whatsoever evil, or threat, or assault may come upon them we will aid them to the utmost end of our strength.

hiera feond beoð ure feond, hiera nyd bið ure nyd, and swa hwa swa yfel oþþre þrea oþþe onhryre him becumen swa fultumiaþ we him to þære gefyllednesse ure strengþo.

Shouldn’t “swā hwā swā” be “swā hwæt swā”?


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