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Norman Yoke:
Evening all,

My first post here as a new member to the society. I’m gratefully devouring the first edition of Withowinde that I’ve been sent and look forward to all future issues.

I recently gave a talk on Lady Godiva during Coventry’s City of Culture events. I thought I’d share it here as some of you may be interested in watching. Please forgive me for any mispronunciation of Old English words - I am hoping to embark on learning the language later this year! Do let me know any corrections and I’ll add them onto the YouTube comments.

Fascinating - thanks for sending the link :) . Love your Gegaderung name by the way!!

I enjoyed the talk.

Jenny Ashby gave us a nice online talk on Anglo-Saxon art last year but no one else has followed her example. Hopefully you could give us some too. You could probably just run one of your youtube talks  and then maybe post it on gegarung as you have here. I feel that would encourage more people to attend the talks and also make greater use of gegaderung.

Do contact Jenny Ashby about it. She might contact you.

Yes do contact me (Bocestre, Wiðowinde) if you are interested in David’s suggestion :)

Norman Yoke:
I’m delighted that you enjoyed the talk and many thanks for your kind words. It’d be wonderful to have Gesithas members in attendance at our History Indoors talks.

The next talk I am giving on this era is about Emma of Normandy. The sign ups are here:[size=78%][/size]

We also have another History Indoors member who may give talks about the Anglo-Saxon/Norse period too.

I’ll get in contact with Jenny and Eanflaed. Thanks all! Also I’m pleased you like the username. My dad and I are planning to write a book one day about the theory of the Norman Yoke. Hopefully it’ll come to fruition!


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