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Wreath laying Battle Abbey

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We were at Battle Abbey on the 14th October where we laid a wreath and recited some Old English poetry. The ġesīðas present were Nigel Green, Archie Marlowe, Tim Parnel and myself. Archie’s mother also joined us.

With the covid-19 restrictions it was not the most sociable event but the weather held off.

Did you get any photos of it for Wiðowinde David? I think it was very good and important that you intrepid few were there.

Yes I have a few that I and Archie's mother took. Then Tim and Nigel have said that they might send me some.

That would be great, David.

I would also like to say thank you to the gesithas who managed to attend. It feels like a really important thing for us to do, and like the Pony Express it's good to see we were not prevented!


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