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Behind the Scenes analysing Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham


This series of talks is priving to be absolutely fantastic. You can catch up on the ones that have already taken place, and still book for the ones yet to happen. Again, these are free to attend on-line, offered via Suffolk County COuncil.

After 12 years of archaeological investigation, we have identified the site of the early East Anglian royal settlement at Rendlesham, first mentioned in the 7th century by Bede in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People.

Discover our new live series of free online talks Behind the Scenes: Analysing Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham and meet the experts who have been analysing the archaeological material from this internationally important site.

For the first time, the experts will be sharing their recent work, which tells us even more about Rendlesham as a place and its connections with the wider Anglo-Saxon world. Get your questions ready to ask the experts.

The talks are free and will be hosted live online. Book your place now below.

Thanks again. I caught on the money webinar earlier where I had poor reception at the time.
Now I have just watched the one on metal working which was good.

To be honest I have found all the ones I have seen very good. I just missed the first one, so still need to catch up - but they are coming thick and fast at the moment!


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