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Anyone dig 'The Dig'?


Very well, who has watched this The Dig film about the Sutton Hoo excavation? And is it any good?
I found out about it only when I bought the March/ April edition of British Archeology and that, and the reviews I have managed to find, seem to be favourable.
So are the rest of us missing anything, or what?

Well I liked it a lot. The night time scene at the boat (no more spoliers!) was very sweet and clever, I thought.

And watching that "ghost" ship of rivets and shadow emerge was quite a moment - the closest I will ever get to experiencing something like that.

I know there were some caveats, but it's fiction. So just as I suspend belief in other period dramas, so I do here. I'm sorry about the potrayal of the Pigots, and the photographer issue is a pain, and it owuld have been noce to see some more of the other artefacts, but I didn't let it spoil my enjoyment. It's a good story well told.

I liked it too. Obviously a lot of artistic licence and we didn’t get to see the spectacular artefacts but it’s a nice, gentle story. Plus of course it puts our period into the spotlight and apparently visitor numbers at Sutton Hoo have shot up!

Ah, do I take it the film is primarily a love story, with no special focus on the longship, treasures etc.?

It’s not so much a love story as such, but it does focus on relationships rather than the archaeology. Most, if not all, of the relationships are speculative too. We don’t get to see the fabulous array of artefacts, which is a pity.


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