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Anglo-Saxon strap end found near Cambridge has boxing hares engraving


Fromt eh BBC: The 22mm (0.9in) by 15.3mm (0.6in) object was discovered in a field near Cambridge in autumn 2019.

Love the cute little hares!

Yes, thanks  :) Phyllis.

I notice, of course, that they are hares and not rabbits.

Has anyone else had trouble persuading innocent third parties that rabbits were unknown in Anglo-Saxon England, and appear to have been introduced by the Normans?  Or re-introduced, if indeed they were also introduced by the Romans but died out after they withdrew.

Also, am I the only one to wonder how the Old English reacted to rabbits when the Normans brought them over?  Creatures you were supposed to eat like hares, but lived in holes like.... like  ???  rats?

Oh, and I hope everyone enjoyed their Yuletide break and stayed warm and well.

Hope you had a good Yule too Bowerthane! As for the Old English reaction to rabbits - I imagine they just ate them  ;D


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