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We are now looking into the 2020 calendar which we hope to print in June. Doing it early keeps the price down.

I was going to keep the cover the same except have 2020 and a new photograph. I have a couple of photos in mind but do not let that stop you sending your ideas. I can use them on a later calendar even if we do not use it for 2020.

I have been asked to make the photographs bigger but not at the expense of the dates or the boxes. I attach my attempt to do this for December. I have pushed all the month names to the top and squeezed in 3 more memorable dates. The image is from last year and will be replaced but you can see that there is space to expand that a little.

I would like to put the first verse of a different carol there maybe you would like to choose one from
I would prefer real Anglo-Saxon documents but we have copyright problems with these. Jenny Ashby sent in a photo she had taken which I would have liked to use but the Bodlean had a charge for that. The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology had no charge for the Trumpington Cross and even supplied their own image which did not have the reflections in it.

I have quite a few images, particularly from Jenny Ashby but would welcome more, without copyright issues. Phyllis Wicks has sent me some more memorable dates but I would welcome more. If I get enough should try to squeeze in as many as I can each year or keep it like 2019 and rotate the dates that go in?

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I really like the new layout for the calendar, David. I think most people would like more prominent photos. As for the memorable dates, I would say if there aren’t too many, then squeeze them in. But if it’s looking untidy or crowded, rotate them.

As for the carols, can I vote for Hark the Herald Angels or The Holly and the Ivy? The former is a very well-known and familiar carol and features in most church services. The latter is nice because it’s got Old English names for natural features. I prefer the carols without repetitive lines simply because you get a greater variety of Old English words!

I also think this an improved layout.

However, noticing the final date had dropped down I wonder if the picture could be made larger by putting dates underneath, so they only need a line, or at most two, per item. I would restrict the number of dates per month anyway and rotate them each year to keep it fresh.

Not sure what others think?

The 2020 calendars have come. As before they are £6 each plus £3 for postage. Jenny Ashby and I will be selling them at Martin Carver's day at Sutton Hoo so you can save the postage.

Please email me for our merchandise list.

I attach a photo with reduced memory to be accepted here.

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As you put up our 2020 calendar on the wall you might want to note down a change in date. After the calendars were printed the government changed the date of the early May Bank Holiday from Monday May 4th to Friday May 8th.

If you are still wanting a calendar, we have a handful left. However, email Jenny Ashby or myself before ordering to check that we still have one left.

If you have a suitable image, memorable date or any suggestions for the 2021 calendar do get in touch with me.


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