Old Calendars
This week someone bought a 2021 calendar. This makes me wonder whether other members want to buy old calendars. We can sell them for £3 plus postage which is £3.20 in the UK at the moment. Jenny Ashby has some 2021 and 2020 calendars and I have some 2019 calendars.
2022 Calendars
Now I shall start working on the 2022 calendar. I am keen to receive suitable images with no copyright issues that we can tie to particular months. If I have more than one suitable image for a month I can use an image in a later year. If you have a very good image that is not tied to a particular month then it can be used on the cover.

let me know if you need dates still for a particular month and I can send you my full set. I have more dates than I have articles, so could send you those?


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