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In future would you be interested in receiving wiðowinde electronically for a lower subscription rate? The witan are considering this possibility but do not want to commit themselves until they have some idea of numbers and costings. Can you tell me what sort of saving would interest you? For example you might say you would take it electronically for a £16 but not for a £17.
You are free to comment about this on ġegaderung but if you just want answer please email the membership secretary at

John Nicholas Cross:
I think this is something that needs due consideration and not a matter to be dealt with lightly.  Would the printed edition end?  Is this the thin end of the wedge to eventually do away with completely, the printed edition?    Is the intention to issue both an electronic and a printed version, for the foreseeable future?   Wouldn't the system be complicated to administer; there'd need to be a two tariff membership subscription?   There are still many folk without a computer and printer, so they'd be unable to print it off, if they wished to.   If the suggestion incurs a two-tier subscription level, I'm most surprised that our membership secretary has suggested it ----  it will mean more work and complications for him.   Keep things as simple as possible I say!!   If simplicity can prevail, I'm in favour of giving it a try.

I'll be interested to hear other members views and suggestions.

John Nicholas Cross.

Sorry but I prefer the printed version! I like to settle down in a comfy chair/sunlounger(!!) with a nice drink and enjoy. It's not the same sitting in front of a screen. I am quite happy to pay what we do at the moment and have a magazine I can take anywhere and lend to my Dad, friends, etc.

Just to clarify: the intention is to continue producing the printed version of Withowinde, but potentially to also offer an online delivery option, so that those who were interested could choose it as an alternative, for a lower subscription fee.

Let us know your thoughts on the matter!

---personally, I prefer to have the printed version.


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