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Thanks for your efforts, Linden. You are definitely a step up on that site.
I like lēadwyrhta. However, ironically, plumbers tend not to use lead any more. Maybe it should be ārwyrhta. You don’t know the old English for plastic, do you?
You gave me quite a choice for time. Maybe, for my time drift, I should use tælmearcslide. I was dealing with how, in Anglo-Saxon times, over the centuries the dates of events drift because of the use of the Julian calendar.


--- Quote from: David on November 04, 2013, 04:06:07 PM ---  .....You don’t know the old English for plastic, do you?..................

--- End quote ---
If I needed an OE word for 'plastic', I would start with 'horn' which is a natural plastic and look for a suitable prefix.
I might resort to Latin and 'old-anglicise' the Latin root 'plast-' which might carry the meanings both of moulding something and artificiality and, used in OE, would imply also something new and foreign - so 'plasten-horn'? It also has the advantage to the modern ear of being close to the original target.
If I wanted to stick to 'pure' OE(*), I might try 'geblanden-horn' (mixed horn) or 'picen-horn' -horn made of pitch?
* In my opinion there is no such thing as pure OE - we have been borrowing words and concepts since well before what one might term the start of OE.


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