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Ing in Old English


How do you pronounce “ng”? I usually pronounce it as ŋ, except when the next letter is a vowel, when I usually pronounce it as ŋg. There are special occasions when I pronounce it as ng and, to my embarrassment, even occasions when I pronounce it as n.
Consider the phrase “singing about an ingrowing toenail”.
I usually pronounce it as “siŋgiŋg about an ingrowiŋ toenail”
I always pronoun the “ingrow...” as “ingrow...” but the other “ngs” I can pronounce as “ŋ” or “ŋg”. I sometimes even pronounce the “…owing” as “...owin”.
What about Old English? I am told that “ng” should always be pronounced as “ŋg” rather than “ŋ”. As runes have the letter ing for “ŋ”, I wondered whether cyning would be spelt as cyniŋ or cyniŋg in runes. It appears that it is cyniŋ. However does the rune ing stand for “ŋ” or “ŋg”?

I do hope someone can help as I am also uncertain.

I also need to look up the sounds David describes as I have never learned them! However, for once the ingrowing toenail was very useful :)


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