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A scientific clue for Brunaburgh?



Iron analysis of weapons found in suspected battlefield area

it would be great if it combined dating evidence from other finds too! I do _want_ it to be in Yorkshire but am happy to be provided with evidence if it can be found :)

Artefacts which “may have come from the possible location” - on that sort of basis I think I’ll claim my back garden was the site of Brunanburh and cash in on all the publicity and tourism! Even if some of the iron work does derive from Scotland it still wouldn’t be proof - the Vikings were quite happy to raid up there (eg the destruction of Alt Clut). I think it is fashionable at the moment to say Brunanburh was fought on the Wirral and everybody is rushing to find “proof”. At some time in the future I bet someone will find better “proof” under a car park in Doncaster ;) ;D

I found this quite interesting, but many of you may have come across it already as it was reviewed in the Independent newspaper.

Being as my ancient word has failed to register:


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