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Patron Saints
« on: November 30, 2019, 02:03:08 PM »
Hello frῑeond,

As usual, I have hit another snag in my kiddies’ book with which I hope you can help.

If my googling serves, there seem to be no very clear or exact patron saints for orphans/ foundlings, midwives and foster parents in our period. 
My book needs some feast-days on which Lord Athelred of Free Mercia and his rūnwitan ( which includes Lady Ethelflæd, whose idea this all really is) want the backs of foster parents and midwives ( lay midwives, the local cunning/wise woman or handywoman) and anyone who makes life easier for them to feel well and truly patted, to promote appreciation of them and make them feel recognised by higher authority.  Bishop Werferth of Worcester, Free Mercia’s leading churchman in my portrayal, can certainly rustle up some prayers, a Mass etc. that can be said for them of the right days of the year, for instance.  That, and if at all possible a feast-day for orphans, foundlings and anything like them, such as children of kinsfolk slain by the Norsemen whose uncles and aunts may resent as extra mouths to feed and all-round pains in the ears ( this is the lot of several of my child characters), so as to aid and abet the suggestion that they are just as valuable and to be cherished as blood of one’s own blood.   

All for weighty reasons of state that Lord Athelred and his rūnwitan do not ( repeat not) want the Norsemen just across the A5 suspecting. 
Though my fellow ġesīþas here may by all means have fun, trying to see if they can.

If at all possible I should like the saints to be Old English ( better still, Mercians) but I have developed a gloomy hunch that I shall have to take what I can get. 
St Margaret of Antioch was known to the Old English and I could make her do as a patron saint of midwives, and St Patrick could work as a patron saint of orphans since he was orphaned when he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland.

Yet obviously I’m hoping that my fellow ġesīþas may have some better suggestions. 
Also, I fear I’ve been staring at this problem too long and gone blind to the bleedin’ obvious ( I’m told I ‘overthink’ things).  By all means make any suggestions you like.


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