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Author Topic: Bamburgh Castle: digs, dirt and discoveries  (Read 1174 times)


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Bamburgh Castle: digs, dirt and discoveries
« on: October 10, 2020, 10:43:26 AM »
As part of the UK Festival of Archaeology gesithas might be interested in this free on-line talk.


The Bamburgh Project says:
Join the Bamburgh Research Project(link is external), excavating at Bamburgh Castle on the Northumberland Coast, for a live, interactive, online webinar on October 25th, as part of the Festival of Archaeology Part II.

The webinar will explore the discoveries made at the Castle and its environs over the last 20 years. This will include:

    The early medieval (7th-8th century) Bowl Hole Cemetery unearthed in the sand dunes below the castle and our work to bring the remarkable discoveries into the public realm through the award winning Bamburgh Bones Digital Ossuary.
    Learn about the discoveries made within the Inner and West Wards of the castle, spanning some 3000 years, including a Viking period metal-working site, defensive structures, a possible early-medieval stone chapel and Roman walls. We also have a very new and exciting discovery to share with you, made in the final days of this years dig season.
    We will also share our top ten finds from the excavations (we have over 12,000 small finds and rooms full of bulk finds)!

You will also have the opportunity to ask the project archaeologists your questions



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Re: Bamburgh Castle: digs, dirt and discoveries
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2020, 02:19:16 PM »
Thanks, Phyllis
I have just signed up.