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Author Topic: Ænglisc Wikipædia  (Read 4015 times)


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Ænglisc Wikipædia
« on: March 15, 2013, 06:20:17 PM »
Apologies if this has been discussed already, but I'm curious to know what gesiðas think of the Ænglisc Wikipædia, and the general desire to treat Old English as a living language; i.e. using it for everyday communication, deriving new coinings for concepts unfamiliar to the original speakers, etc.


John Nicholas Cross

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Re: Ænglisc Wikipædia
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2013, 09:42:23 PM »
I feel that this is something for the linguists and dare I say it, the 'anoraks', as an academic exercise and not for the general person, interested in the history of the Anglo-Saxon period as a whole in all its facets, from c.400-1066AD.   I see nothing wrong with it, its just too arcane and academic to be of mainstream interest, I believe..   John.
PS.  I'm waiting to be 'shot down'.


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Re: Ænglisc Wikipædia
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2013, 08:10:15 AM »
I like the site and wish I had more time to spend on it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
I would agree this posting would probably not have a place on the General Discussion Section or even Anglo-Saxon Discussion Section. However I feel it is right for the Old English Language Section even if it might not be to everyone’s taste.