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Thanks David - regarding your questions it was a a mixture of typos and just sheer ignorance on my part! I have made my excuses below.

--- Quote from: David on December 19, 2020, 06:15:33 PM ---In your first line you appear to be using winter as an adjective. Was it an adjective in Old English? I am not sure, I was thinking of "wintry" but you are probably right :)

In the second line I do not think that hiera declines. You are correct!

In the third line, as fyr is neuter, I think that halsigend either has no suffix or has the suffix u. Again, correct - I keep making nouns the worng gender and am too lazy to check. You could say I got burned this time  8)

In the fourth line why has cwic got a suffix e? Typo! Sigh

--- End quote ---

And here, including my slightly rushed translation of the remaining lines, is my attempt at the whole poem - have at it, all, and merry Yule!

Swa com se scortesta dæg and forþferde se gear
And æghwær geond þas geardagas þisre snawhwitan weorulde
Comon singende menn and hleapende
Þisse deorcnesse to adræfenne

Hie lihtodon candel on wintrum treowum
Hie hangodon wintergrene beamas innan hierum husum
Nihtlanges bærndon hie halsigende fyr
Þisne gear cwice to healdenne

And swa bladesode niwes geares sunne and aweahte
Swa hie hlude clipodon freolsiende,
Geond ealla frostiga þraga magon ge hieran
æfter us onscillende – gehlystaþ nu!

Swa ealle endlease onscillende sangas singaþ mid selfum gleame
On þissum scortestan dæge
Swa awecceþ gehat on þissum slæpendan lande

Hie galaþ and symblaþ and heriaþ
And gelufiaþ swiþe hiera friend
And wenaþ him friþ
Swa doþ we, her and nu,
On Þissum geare and eallum gearum.
Wilcuma Geol!


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