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Please find below the front cover and contents of the latest issue of our quarterly magazine. Click the images to see larger versions.

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Members of the English Companions receive four issue of this magazine a year.  The next issue (No. 189) will be distributed to members in March 2019.

Below you will find a link to a comprehensive  index in PDF format of articles contained in wiðowinde issues 1 – 162:


The English Companions has produced a complete flash drive set of all issues of wiðowinde, that is readable in pdf  (portable document format).

This CD will benefit all those genuinely interested in Anglo-Saxon England. Adobe Reader software is also included on the CD to enable the user to read every article published in wiðowinde assisted by an easy to use index.

Every Anglo-Saxonist should have one!

The CD is available for members only at a cost of £20.00.

To order a copy of the CD-set, send a cheque (payable to “The English Companions”)