An Old English Keyboard for Windows computers

Download ZIP file by clicking here and saving the file, then extract all the contents

This keyboard is based on the United Kingdom (English) keyboard layout and provides access to the additional characters required for writing Old English through the use of the Alt Gr key along with the ability to add macrons above vowels using a dead key.

The keyboard also provides simple access to a wide range of other European letters, symbols and accents.


KBDUKOE.png shows the keyboard layout

Keystrokes.docx lists the available additional keystrokes

KBDUKOE.klc is the source file created using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4

setup.exe is the installation file

readme.txt contains a copy of the installation instructions


Run the setup.exe file in the kbdukoe directory.

The message ‘United Kingdom Old English has been successfully installed’ when installation is complete.

Restart your computer to complete the installation.

To make this the default language go to settings for keyboards and override the default input method.

Installation of this keyboard is at your own risk and The English Companions will not be liable for any damages arising from its installation.

(c) 2021 Richard Paul Wicks