Learn Old English with Leofwin

‘Learn old English with Leofwin’ is a teach-yourself book presenting the English of around 990AD for younger readers and non-language specialists. It is available from Anglo-Saxon Books, or can be ordered from bookshops.

A video version of part of the first chapter appears below. A paper version of the video features in  ‘Wiðowinde’ 155, the magazine of the English Companions.

You can also learn some basic phrases for everyday use.

You can hear them being read here. http://www.asbooks.co.uk/audio/c3s13.mp3

You can also download an illustrated handout of these phrases [link to basic phrases illustrated pdf]

Here are the phrases which are covered:

Ēala! – hello!

Gōdne dæg – good day

Wes ðu hāl / westu hal – be well

Wesað gē hāle – be well (plural)

Gōdne mergen – good morning

Gōd æfen – good evening

Gōd niht – good night

Ic grēte ðē – I greet you

Ic grēte ēow ealle – I greet you all

Welcumen – welcome

Hu gǣð hit? – how goes it?

Hit gǣð wel – it goes well

Glæd ðē tō mētenne – glad to meet you

Gōd ðē mid sie – God be with you (goodbye)

Fer þū wel / ferað gē wel – farewell

Gēa, gīese – yes

Nā, nese – no

Sōð – true

Ic bidde ðē – please

Ic sārie – I’m sorry

Ic ðoncie ðē – thank you

Forgief mē – forgive me

Hwæt is ðis ? – what’s this?

Saga ðæt eft – say that again

Hwæt hāteð ðis? – What’s this called?

Ic wāt – I know

Ic nāt – I don’t know

Mīn gebyrdtid biþ… – my birthday is…

Hū eald eart þu? – How old are you?

Ic eom eahta gēar eald / ic eom eahta wintra – I’m eight years old

Lā! – look!

Ic wolde… – I’d like…

Wilt ðu… – do you want to…

Hwǣr eardest ðu? – Where do you live?

Ic eardie on Prittewella – I live in Prittlewell

Hu hātest ðu? – What’s your name?

Mīn nama is Brada – my name is Brada

Ic hāte Brada – I’m called Brada

Ic eom Godweardes scop – I’m Godweard’s singer

Mōt ic … – may I …

Hwǣr is… ? þǣr biþ – where is…? there is…

Ic lufie … / … licað mē – I love … / I like…

.. ne licað mē / ic hatie .. – I don’t like… / I hate..

Ic lyste bet… – I prefer

© COPYRIGHT NOTICE  ‘Learn Old English with Leofwin’ is written and illustrated by Matt Love: text and illustrations may not be extracted, separated, or reproduced for commercial gain.